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By Marleen Mulder

Integrating entrepreneurship with environmental awareness

Minimal Mass supports environmental entrepreneurs in their journey. As a niche within social enterprises we bring the community together, and grow it. Through inspiration, education and communities we create environmental business success.

In my work as cleantech business consultant, I’ve met a lot of entrepreneurs and they have very powerful and inspiring stories to share about their company and their ambition. This is why I enjoy working with them so much. These stories are fuel for other people to become inspired and motivated to start or to keep going.

All this experience, the lessons and failures create great value. And allowed me to developed essential green business tools. Minimal Mass helps environmental business take off by offering specific content integrating entrepreneurship and environmental awareness.

The magic happens when people meet

Inspiration and education can be offered online. However I believe the magic happens when people meet. When they talk and share their passion. Through offline events we create the opportunity for like-minded people to meet, connect with mentors and get their inspiration.

To get inspired and equipped to build a global green economy together.
Small changes, big impact.