Driving sustainability through entrepreneurship and communication. That’s what I do at Minimal Mass.

Marleen sitting in a cafe wearing a white blouse holding a cup of tea

By providing communications and business support I help entrepreneurs and cleantech companies align their economic and environmental goals. Encouraging them to confidently pursue their love of nature and business.

Minimal Mass is on a mission to restore balance between people and nature. We need to start acting out of the love we all feel so deeply for nature. And I believe that entrepreneurs and engineers have a leading role in shaping this world, by guiding their clients toward a more balanced economic world.

Gutsy relationships builder

Marleen Mulder, Founder of Minimal Mass

The people I work with know me for my communication skills and my talent for connecting with people, my courage and drive to not let anything stop me.

Throughout my career I have helped build sustainable businesses, started 3 businesses and helped many entrepreneurs build their businesses, either as a business coach, mentor, community builder or business developer.

I am a community builder. I have a large network and know how to leverage it.

I work with entrepreneurial and passionate people who are focussed on developing and marketing innovative solutions that help grow the green economy.

The plant-based principle

Don’t you love the beach? The forest? The trees in front of your house? And do you also feel the urge to protect them?

We all love nature. But we also lose touch with it as we go about our daily lives and businesses. That’s why it’s so good to reconnect once in a while. To go outside for a walk, a surf or a swim.

But what if we could have that connection more? In the everyday life we live. Not just in our free time, but in the hours we work the jobs we do and the businesses we run.

Marleen standing in forest looking at the sky.

At Minimal Mass we believe that an earth-conscious lifestyle shouldn’t be limited to your personal life. And I invite you to get creative and bring that mindset to work too!

I offer plant-based communication and business support for nature-loving entrepreneurs. I help them take small, but intentional steps every day to improve. This is the empowering principle of Minimal Mass: with just a little bit of mass, you can create a whole lot of energy.

Let’s all start in very small, but consistent ways to take better care of this magnificent planet that is our home.

More businesses

They say all good things come in threes. Learn more about my other two businesses.

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Female leadership is far underutilized in our society, making it a huge untapped potential. I’m on a mission to apply more feminine qualities to the business world.

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local community of female entrepreneurs


I’m building a local community of female entrepreneurs and leaders. Join me online or in Utrecht.

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The xGen

Working in sustainability, renewable technologies and entrepreneurship in general, I’ve experienced male dominated business cultures first hand. And while I really wanted to fit in and feel confident, I was also sure that I didn’t want to change who I was and felt that my unique qualities could really drive the business forward.

I belief that there is a lot to be gained for business success and individual work happiness with more diversity and inclusion. That’s why I partnered with two strong female professionals, Britt Staal and Samantha van Londen, to unleash the female potential in business.

We help our clients attract, retain and grow female talent through trainings, keynotes and insightful articles.


Future Females Utrecht

I started my first business in 2016 and after many solo struggles, I learned the importance of having a solid support system. Feeling supported all the way, whether it’s through a coach, peer group or community, makes all the difference. It builds your confidence, expands your network and you learn a lot of new skills.

I am a local ambassador for a global community of women entrepreneurs currently operating in 28 cities worldwide. We provide a digital, physical and emotional platform where women can connect, inspire and collaborate with each other, and have access to the resources they need to succeed.