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Renewable energy technology is taking over the world

With a fast pace more and more renewable energy technologies are being designed and existing technology is rapidly improving. Meaning that prices are dropping massively. This makes the technology affordable for and attractive to more and more people. Minimal Mass was founded to speed up this proces. We want to make renewable energy technology affordable, so more people will have access to renewable electricity.


Demand is rising

With all our electric devices – our mobile phones, computers, air conditioning and heating- the global need for electricity is huge and will only increase in the near future. According to the International Energy Agency globally over 1.2 billion people are without access to electricity, but do have access to mobile phones. Also their demand for electricity will rise in the years to come.


Minimal Mass

With only one small solar powered energy system we are able to harvest the endless energy of the sun for many years. Only a small tech device will generate a huge amount of energy. This is the Einstein-principle of minimal mass. Only a small unit of mass can create a large unit of energy.


Marleen Mulder

With a solid business development track record in renewable energy and a lifelong fascination for Africa, Marleen set out to combine her European experience with the potential of the South African market. She obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations and Environmental Governance. And since then has worked at several startup companies, building new ventures in renewable energy technology. She’s a keen relationship builder. Creative, decisive, focussed, and has a true passion for solar in Africa. She is well connected in the Dutch and South-African solar market.


“With Minimal Mass I want to show the world the power of the African continent. For example the fast business opportunities, incredible geological conditions and beautiful people & places. Read all about the opportunities here on the website, or contact me directly at [email protected]” – Marleen



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