Communication strategy: CO2 neutral road building

The beauty of sustainability is that it can be applied anywhere and everywhere. So when I was asked to create content about CO2 neutral road building and sustainable pavement, I was exited at once! The mere fact that a heavy industry such as road building (asphalt) is contributing to sustainablility is very inspiring.

For Provincie Zuid-Holland and Boskalis Nederland I created a series of content to promote and explain a new road building innovation: sustainable pavement.

Video language: Dutch

This video shows in just a few clips what the sustainable pavement innovation is all about and how it is applied to roads in the Netherlands. This video was created in collaboration with Donkergroen Creators and Haags Productiebedrijf.

road building site

As communication advisor I had the pleasure to tell the story of sustainable road construction. Besides video production, where I wrote the script and directed, I created a lot of copy and visuals. And an instagram story series.

What surprises me often with assignments like these, is that the innovator, in this case Boskalis, is very modest about their technology. No wonder, to them this is business as usual. But for their audience it a fascinating story. To learn how they innovate their product and make it more sustainable. To see the inside of their Innovation Lab and to actually see how asphalt is being made.

There are still so many innovation stories to be told!

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