Helping a carbon removal company tap into a new market.

Technology that creates a more sustainable world is my favorite kind of tech. Why would you want to create any other kind of technology, would be my question. The challenge remains the same though, to find the right market.

Skytree’s technology finds it origin at the European Space Agency (ESA), giving them the great advantage of having a technology with an impressive track record. However, the challenge was to find the right market for their tech here on earth.

For Skytree I developed a launching strategy for their plant growth application. A carbon removal product designed for urban greenhouses to enhance plant growth. The assignment was to explore and advice on the commercial aspects of this venture, including:

  • How to market the product
  • How to brand and present
  • How (and where) to sell

What are the exact details of the product from a commercial perspective? Where to find the ideal market and what is the market potential? Who is the customer and what are their needs (customer validation study). Leading eventually to the launching strategy.

Key factor in this assignment was the combination of telling the (commercial) story and initiating and building customer relations. Communication services are for a large part about making connections and building meaningful relationships.

skytree logo

Skytree is a carbon removal company. Their technology revolves around scalable, carbon removal products that increase power efficiency whilst improving air quality. Their units have a wide range of applications: from improving plant growth to fuel synthesis and air purification.

There are still so many innovation stories to be told!

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