Your client will appreciate you for what you decide to not say

Did you know that only 7% of our communication consists of the words we say, of speech?

What you say is really not that important. I hope this message gives you a sense of relief (the constant thought, “What should I say…”).

But what about what is not being said? Lately, I have been thinking about this thought.

As a communications consultant, I am expected to create, write, publish and share my clients’ key messages. I find the right words to activate their target audiences. In this process, I choose my words very deliberately, and that requires a lot of “leaving things out.” The well-known principle of “less is more” applies.

I have also come to apply it in personal encounters. Instead of focusing on what I should say in a conversation, I focus on the question, “What if I don’t say…”

And what happens then is a type of conversation where the other person finds someone who listens and feels like they are being heard. This leads to great conversations and ultimately strengthens the relationship we build!

In corporate communications, I see a lot of “profiling” where companies are clearly focused on answering the “what should I say” question. The result is email overload and a lot of meaningless communication.

Worse, the customer does not feel heard and turns to another provider. And you have spent valuable resources on a content strategy that does nothing for your business.


The next time you “communicate,” instead of focusing on the question “What should I say?” focus on the question “How do I make sure my customer feels they are being heard?”

It will help you to gain focus as you realize a lot is really is not so relevant to say.  And your client will appreciate you for what you decide to not say.

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