African Solar Network

BIGGEST COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY IN ENERGY IN DECADES ● huge market ● excellent geographic conditions ● technology is affordable and competitive ● technology and business models are available ● international community offers financial support. The African renewable energy market is growing fast and Minimal Mass is dedicated to speed up this development even more together with our European clients.



Minimal Mass has a strong network of partners in various regions and disciplines. And we continue to build this network. We can support you in the following:

  • acces to new tech developments especifically designed for the African market
  • Residential solar market
  • Industrial solar market
  • Regional opportunities in South Africa


We often organize business trips to South Africa to expand our network and meet new players. This can be part of our travel agenda for set trips we make. We also organizes custom trade expeditions where we introduce you to the most relevant local partners and service the whole trip for you. We perform the research needed and make sure you get in touch with the most relevant local partners.


Do you have specific questions for your business we can help you with? Let us know, so we can bring you back the information and contacts you need.


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We’ve come to a point where it is no longer the question whether small scale solar will be a success in sub-Saharan Africa. Whether it’s the end-user, the entrepreneur or the international agenda all parties seem to be on board.

The tipping point of small scale solar being an affordable alternative to current energy sources has been reached. And everyone agrees on the huge market potential. Meaning that we might have the biggest commercial opportunity in energy in decades. Remember this report only scopes the African continent. But there are many regions in the world with similar electricity challenges, where also the demand for electricity is on the rise. We are talking about billions of people, of electricity users and aspiring ones.

“Electricity is the world’s fastest-growing form of end-use energy consumption, 25 as it has been for many decades. [And] electricity demand continues to increase, especially among the emerging non-Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (non-OECD) economies. In 2012, electricity generation in non-OECD countries represented slightly more than one-half of world electricity demand. With continued strong economic growth, the non-OECD share of world electricity generation increases to 61% in 2040” US Energy Information Administration [EIA] 2016.

Learn more about the African solar potential and read the full report: Small Scale Solar South Africa: it’s a sure thing