We are a cleantech community aiming to make electricity available and renewable energy tech affordable. Read more about our services below.


Together with our clients we contribute to this main goal. No matter the challenge, with the right team, you can make anything happen. We offer you access to the best and brightest. Share your cleantech challenge and let’s make it happen together. Find out more about our services and get in touch.


Business development and market strategy support are our two main services. We support our clients by carrying out market research and build product launch strategies. We also offer partner sourcing services. Connecting you to the right network for your business to expand and grow.


Are you a cleantech engineer, looking to market your technology?

Minimal Mass helps you to set up a launching strategy.


Are you working on a cleantech project and you need some fresh new input?

Minimal Mass will help you host an expert session to boost your project.


Do you need partners to build your company?

Source the Minimal Mass community and get connected right away. 


Market Research

Minimal Mass continuously follows cleantech market developments. We offer insights and help you build your market strategy. By introducing you to the community you can access any support you need. For example to validate your product/markt fit. We also offer independent and tailor made research assistance. Let us know what your ambitions are.


Partner Sourcing

Want to meet your peers? Want to expand your network and be at the right events? Or get introduced to potential clients and partners? Minimal Mass takes you where you need to be. We have a wide network within the renewable energy industry to help you get connected.


Expert Sessions

Since this market is still so young, there are a lot of challenges. Some bigger than others, but each of these hurdles are important ones to take. This is how we speed up the energy transition toward renewables. We therefor host Expert Sessions where we focus on one specific subject and together with various experts we try to tackle the issue at hand. Never only to talk, but always action oriented. Resulting in new solutions, new partnerships, all co-created. Contact us to board as an expert or to organize an Expert Session together.


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