Turning your tech into content your customers get

Want to make sure your customers understand and buy your offer? Create the right content. Minimal Mass turns your technology into content your customers get by creating engaging stories.

Your dream has come true. You've built the most amazing technology and you're ready to market.  Although... the true engineer is never ready for marketing, right? And can always find ways to improve the prototype. Let's rephrase, your investors (or other stakeholders) are ready to market. So how do you go from spec sheet to marketing?
Or your product has been selling for some time and you're ready to scale your sales and possibly expand into new markets. It's time to connect with new customers. Build a relationship, build trust. And it all starts with telling them the great story of your technology.  

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Previous work

Road Innovation

Creating content to put sustainable pavement innovation in the spotlights.

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Capturing CO2

Preparing a product launch strategy helping a carbon removal company tap into a new market.

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